3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World – The mention of the word ‘home’ evokes a feeling of peace and humility. For most of us, it’s not size that matters as much as the comfort and security we feel inside the space we call home. Well, for those who are listed as the richest people on earth, there is a lot more to ‘home’ than just modesty and utility.

For those who make the lists of ‘Forbes’ Top Billionaires’ and ‘World’s Most Expensive Houses’, this home is a place where they can make the most of their wealth, benefiting from taste. While lifting we cannot think and express our wealth. For example, if you take a quick tour inside Donald Trump’s house, you will see that almost everything is made of gold. Also, Bill Gates’ house where he has screens that display any painting, art or artwork he wants is $150,000. The best house in the world? Whether! Let’s find out.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

It seems that we humans love dimensions; We either live in really small houses, or we go big and fancy. These billionaire buildings are architectural expressions born of exploitation and vanity. Their uniqueness and exclusivity not only inspire those who are common to wealth but also provide opportunities for experimentation, including some expensive and unusual technological innovations.

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Like many billionaire families, the Ambanis want a unique and customized residence. Thus began the idea and construction of ‘Antilia’, designed by the company Perkins & Will, named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean. Costing over $1 billion and taking four years to build, Antilia now stands proudly amidst the slums of Mumbai.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

The 27-story high residence, set to occupy an area of ​​nearly 400,000 square feet, dwarfs the Palace of Versailles in terms of surrounding area. With six levels of below-ground parking, three helipads, a health spa, a salon, a ballroom, a 50-seat movie theater, multiple swimming pools, yoga and dance studios, and an ice cream parlor, Need news for Pina Antilia. 600 employees.

Villa La Leopolda is a palatial villa, with cascading ceilings, located in the Alpes-Maritimes on the French Riviera. The 20-acre villa has a famous history of owners including Gianni and Marella Agnelli, Izaak, Dorothy J. Killam. Since 1987 it has been owned by Swiss banker Edmond Safra, who gave it to his savior and wife Lily Safra. The architectural character of this villa belongs to a historical style known as

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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Which means ‘good era’. Designed by an American architect Jr. Ogden Codman, on an estate once owned by King Leopold II of Belgium.

Ira Reinert, an American billionaire, owns the sprawling mansion, which is part of a 63-acre estate called Fairfield, the largest in the United States. It includes several built-in forms, including 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, 3 dining rooms, 3 swimming pools, and a 164-seat theater.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

The property includes a basketball court, gymnasium, two soccer fields, two tennis courts, two squash courts, and a sports pavilion along with several other buildings. A residence of this size also requires a large supply of electricity, which is sufficient even through a field power plant.

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Baron Baron Lakshmi Mittal shares a community with some of the richest icons in the world. London’s largest and most expensive residential address, Kensington Palace Gardens, is also the second most expensive street in the world. The average price per square meter here is reportedly $107,000. Lakshmi Mittal owns not one but three palatial houses on this road numbered 9a and 18-19.

The building was designed by Sir Charles Barry in 1845 as semi-detached ‘palazzo’ style villas. Lakshmi spent millions renovating the traditional renaissance mansion and turning it into a “Taj Mittal”. With a total of 12 bedrooms, a pool, and Makrana marble, this mansion can be considered a priceless tribute to its Indian origins.

Ukraine’s richest man and oligarch, Renat Akhmatov, spent a record £136.4 million to buy two of the world’s most expensive apartments in Knightsbridge, London. The project by Rogers and his company Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners has an area of ​​25,000 sq.ft.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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Each of these apartments features 360º protection through a bullet glass facade, exclusive interiors designed by Kandi & Kandi, and a sophisticated lighting system by artist James Turrell, which changes from sunrise to sunset. are

Larry Ellison, the fifth richest man in the world and a famous real estate owner, founder and chairman of Oracle, built a Japanese property in 2004 that took 9 years to build. Modeled after a Japanese imperial palace in the 1600s, the mansion was designed and built by Zen Buddhist teacher and architect Paul Driscoll. It includes three cottages, a gymnasium, eight bridges, two gardens, a five-acre man-made lake, a bath house and a pond.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

The landscape features pines, oaks, and redwoods along with cherry blossoms, maples, and other Japanese species.

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Another billionaire resident of Kensington Palace Gardens, Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich owns this grand mansion. Despite the hefty price tag, this London mansion doesn’t fail in terms of amenities and ambience. So Roman’s plans took him underground, an underground sports center with tennis courts, a health center, and an auto museum.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

Kenneth Griffin, an American hedge fund manager and owner of Citadel LLC, bought four adjoining properties, for about $130 million, for six kitchens, a library, and a fully equipped guest house.

This simple, yet beautifully designed home of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates, is on the shores of Lake Washington. Dubbed Xanadu 2.0, the 66,000 square foot residence. It was designed by Bohlen Syonsky Jackson and Cutler Anderson Architects and was built over a period of 7 years.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

Most Expensive Houses In The World

Apart from its sustainable design, this mansion in the world has many features, including a high-tech sensory system that changes the environment according to mood and weather, a pool with an underwater music system, house- 2500 sq. ft. gym. 20-foot ceilings, 24 bathrooms, six kitchens, a library, and a fully equipped guest house.

Russian investor and investor in Facebook, Yuri Milner, is the proud owner of his retirement home in California. This French chateau-style mansion features several indoor and outdoor pools, a luxury lounge, and living areas that offer sweeping views of San Francisco Bay.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

Billionaire Stanley Kroenke bought the pet for $132.5 million. The property includes an exclusive 10,000-square-foot home with an indoor pool. As far as the farm goes, it has several horse stalls, about 4,500 cows, extensive water rights, and significant agricultural property.

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He, and a British Playboy model, Tamara Ecclestone, used a gift on their 55 home on ‘Billionaire’s Row’. He also renovated the mansion with an Amazon crystal shower, a private nightclub, a television channel, an underground bath, a beauty salon, a dog kennel, and a carport.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

These billionaire houses, their huge properties, and their impressive size, not only knock our socks off but also amaze us with their power and grandeur.

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3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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Because what happens when you combine a gravity-constrained architect and an owner with no bottomless wallet? You get a luxurious home filled with features tailored to your personality and taste.

And the sky’s the limit: that could mean an outdoor theater overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a fully modular home, or all the latest levels of exciting technology.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

These million dollar homes know no limits for furniture or decor. “Mega mansions” or “a millionaire’s house” won’t really cover it: The world’s largest house comes with 240 bedrooms and 535 other rooms.

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Some of the other most expensive homes ever sold are vertical mansions designed to withstand earthquakes or sprawling properties with spectacular views. The houses of the rich have no boundaries.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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Buckingham Palace may not be for sale anytime soon, but if it is, it would be worth around $4.9 billion, making it the most expensive building in the world. With 240 bedrooms – 188 staff rooms and 52 royal and guest bedrooms – as well as a swimming pool and doctor’s surgery, it’s a place called home by the British royal family and is open to all on guided tours. is also open.

3 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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In total, this stately home — if you can call this Crown property just a house — has 775 rooms.

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