Design Home Exterior Ideas

Design Home Exterior Ideas – Designing your forever home is about more than interior design and floor plans. Creating the perfect contemporary exterior is also a key element and presents a double challenge: a bespoke home must reflect your tastes and the lifestyle you hope to lead while you live there, while each style, color and feature you choose must be durable for the home. is not old.

Fortunately, designers and builders are working hard to create trends that are both fresh and classic. For example, natural materials like wood and stone are making a comeback, but they are applied in a modern style so will stand the test of time.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Whether you’re looking to complete home improvements and renovations, considering move-in properties, or considering modern design ideas for your new modern home, we’ve got all the trends to watch.

On Trend Modern House Exterior Designs

Here are some of the hottest exterior trends that will help keep homes modern in 2023 and beyond. Read on to find out how you can update your facade, use glass doors and large windows, mix colors and accents to improve curb appeal, and create an enviable modern home look.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Maybe it’s because we’re all spending a lot of time at home, but this year the most important thing is the windows. While creating an airy feel inside, additional windows also nicely modernize the exterior. Bold, straight-edged windows replace intricate curved glass to accentuate the look. The clean lines and open feel created by the new windows will brighten and open up any room.

No bland cookie-cutter looks here: modern homes can now have it all, combining warm, natural wood-look features with smooth finishes for a unique aesthetic.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Transform Your Home With These High Impact Exterior Design Ideas

Don’t really like the multi-finish look? Try changing panel sizes to give any home a custom look. Use different colors and shapes to highlight unique design details or draw attention to your favorite design elements. The fiber cement house pictured above combines contrasting colors and shapes to bring this vision to life.

Changing exterior paint colors is often overlooked, despite the big impact a new color can have in an instant. White can create a classic look, while a clean, white exterior can also add a contemporary touch to a home, especially when balanced with contrasting accents. When choosing a certain shade, do not forget about the fixed elements of the exterior of the building. Pure, snowy white is falling out of favor and being replaced by slightly warmer whites like Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

White may never go out of style, but darkening your home’s exterior is becoming an increasingly popular way to stand out and add drama. Today, homeowners are opting for dark gray or black versions of the recently popular contemporary farmhouse look. Using black for your metal roof and siding is a quick and easy way to make any home look stunning.

Small House Exteriors We Love

Wood textured black panels can bridge the line between traditional and modern, or solid, vibrant black panels can break up large walls for a more varied look.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Doors are no longer just entry points, they provide a great way to express your personal tastes. Bright or interesting colors, geometric patterns or unusual glass designs can welcome visitors and add appeal to the home’s exterior. Framing the door with different colors and textures can attract even more attention.

From minimalist to colorful, let our Modern Homes Look Book be the first stop on your journey. Spark your creativity with our stunning examples of modernity done well.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

House Exterior Design Consultant: Tips And Tricks For Better

Another color play occurs when modern homeowners contrast colors on exterior walls, garage doors and other accents. Take that perfect white color and pair it with black or wooden doors for a sleek, modern look. This works especially well for minimalist home exteriors where you want to add a bit of refinement and excitement.

Not interested in the look of a traditional porch? No problem! Add a cozy, shaded ledge to the exterior of your home to create a little outdoor living. Here, homeowners can enjoy all the benefits of a porch without affecting the home’s modern aesthetic.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Adding a gazebo or awning to the exterior of your home can do double duty, providing shelter for enjoying the outdoors while adding interest and drawing attention to that attractive front door. ‘entrance. If it is long enough, it can even help protect the facade from the harmful effects of the environment.

Ways To Give Your Home An Exterior Facelift With One Simple Tool

Warm, natural colors are making a comeback, including soft moss greens and the resurgence of beige. Case in point: Sherwin Williams’ 2023 color of the year is Urbane Bronze, and the company’s approachable beige color is all the rage.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

These colors complement the current wood craze, as wood slats or board-and-batten-style siding appear in entire sections of the home or as accents around doors and windows.

Homeowners who are building their homes to last want beautiful products that go the extra mile. This emphasis on form and function means that outdoor products must provide exceptional weather protection while still providing understated beauty that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Stunning Exterior Home Colors

The beauty of today’s popular trends is that there is something for everyone. For a staunch traditionalist, a modern white farmhouse will do the trick. The ultra-chic trendsetter can opt for a black exterior with white and wood accents. Either way, both houses will be beautiful, solid and modern with fiber cement cladding.

Although the look of wood is very popular today, wood surfaces can warp, crack or fall prey to pests such as termites. Fiber cement offers the beauty of wood or stucco without these pitfalls.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Check out our gallery to see how fiber cement can take your home’s exterior to the next level. Or check out our case studies to see how other homeowners have used architectural wall panels to create stunning modern homes that can withstand whatever nature throws at them.

Top 15 House Exterior Trends For 2023

This website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and advertising. By continuing to browse this site, you consent to such use. The practice of exterior design helps homeowners rethink the facade of their home. Changes to paint, siding, roof, windows, front door, lighting, garage door, mailbox and house numbers change your home. Complemented by our online landscaping offerings, Curb Appeal and Outdoor Transformation packages allow homeowners across the country to create beautiful, functional and durable outdoor spaces.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

If your home and yard need an update, but you’re not sure where to start, our talented design team shares their list of must-have changes for your home’s landscaping and exterior.

For this Seattle home, the homeowners purchased the Curb Appeal package, which combines our landscaping services with exterior design for your home’s exterior. Their vision: to reimagine this cottage as a modern magnolia-inspired farmhouse. But how do you get the look? The team at decided to redefine this home with impressive exterior design solutions including paint, windows, doors, garage doors, stone accents and lighting. The result: a homeowner’s dream home and a significant increase in property value (exterior and landscape improvements combined can add 20% or more to your home’s value).

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Designs Exuding Simplicity + Rustic Charm

Painting is transformative. A fresh coat can make you fall in love with your home all over again. In the above, our design team reimagined this outdated facade into a fresh, bright home with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, our top choice for exterior white. Changing the color of the house was the most important decision they could make, although the rest of the exterior design elements really tie it all together.

For those of us who have a garage in front of our house, garage doors make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the property. We love this Seattle transformation, including the paint, stone accents, and fresh landscaping, but the garage door is such a statement. The combination of wood and white embodies the homeowner’s vision of a modern farmhouse look.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

White houses with black trim are a trend we see everywhere today, but it’s also a timeless look that evokes the elegance of colonial homes. Here, our designers added black windows to achieve a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Our Favorite Farmhouse Exteriors

In partnership with our window and door partner Marvin, our design team can help you choose new, high-quality, energy-efficient windows that perfectly match your style.

Design Home Exterior Ideas

The front door sets the tone for the rest of the house. Front doors do a great job of curb appeal. There are an endless variety of front doors on the market, from majestic wooden doors to elegant glass doors, from handcrafted doors to ultra-modern metal doors, to rustic front doors, and the design team is here to help you choose the type of door. is the best for you for your home. Or what color to paint an existing door (one of our favorite tips for front doors).

The front door in this transformation brings together the entire front facade by connecting the garage door

Design Home Exterior Ideas

Top 5 Modern Home Exterior Siding Options

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